As publishers it was our dream to open a bookshop that understood art and illustrated books enough to dedicate an entire space to the genre, to create an atmosphere as beautiful, luring and sleek as the books it would house, and to initiate a movement in keeping with the exciting leaps and bounds the country was making in design. Eight years later we feel we have succeeded. In these trying times when books are competing for your attention, money and time, and when bookshops are succumbing to the intense pressure placed on them, CMYK has managed to grow to 8 shops around the country, thanks to you, dear readers. We have forged strategic partnerships to take books out of traditional spaces, tied up with iconic lifestyle stores such as Good Earth and Amethyst and even expanded the scope where necessary, and opened India’s first gift and souvenir shops in Jaipur. But at the core of CMYK is a deep love for books, especially art and illustrated books that are repositories of heritage, style, design, art, cuisine, lifestyle, photography and so much more. And that is why we have travelled the world, tapped our resources to bring to you the best publishers in this genre – be it Phaidon, Thames and Hudson or Steidl. As we went along and saw your enthusiasm for the books we were stocking, we were encouraged to expand our vision, add quirky accessories, stationery and even furniture (have you seen the Pantone chairs?). Today CMYK is synonymous with a certain aesthetic and has firmly established itself as the home of art and illustrated books in the country. We now add a virtual location to the bookstore – an online bookshop where you can buy books. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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